• Beauty from the Inside Out

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up each morning and take a pill that erased wrinkles, eliminated dry skin, and made you look years younger?

    Although we have not found the fountain of youth in pill form, research indicates that taking a collagen supplement can improve the appearance of your skin from within.

    Can collagen really give you beauty from within?
    By Amy Vergin
  • Not Just BPA to Worry About

    Experts have recently released information saying that drinking bottled water might be the cause of premature wrinkling. And it’s not the BPA that is causing the issue; it’s the shape of the water bottle itself. Because of the pursing of the lips one must do in order to drink from the bottle, deep wrinkles are forming around the mouth.

  • Secrets to Goregous Skin

    The skin never lies. Unlike other organs of the body, hidden and shrouded in mystery, the skin is an extrovert, blithely revealing your inner life without so much as a disclaimer. And the confidences it gives away? Sloppy skincare, secret vices, and sleepless nights.

    Do-it-yourself cure for problem spots.
    By Rona Berg