varicose veins

  • Varicose Veins

    If you suffer from varicose veins, you may have to deal with unattractive, painful, and swollen legs on a daily basis—and if you’re often on the go, that’s not exactly ideal for living an active lifestyle. Varicose veins affect an increasing number of people across the country, including 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men.

    Address, Prevent, and Treat the Condition
    By Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS
  • Fix Unsightly Veins

    Bulging or web-like veins aren’t something you want to show off in shorts, but if you’re among the 60 percent of Americans (mainly women) who suffer with varicose or spider veins, that’s what you’re faced with every time the weather gets warm. To make matters worse, varicose veins can be extremely painful and often cause itching, burning, or throbbing in the legs.

    5 new ways to love your legs this summer.
    By Lynn Ginsburg