• Back in Business

    According the US Department of Transportation, Americans take more than 405 million business trips each year—that’s a lot of airport food! Watching what you eat and making sure you’re getting plenty of exercise while you’re away might be tough, so we’ve gathered some advice on how to keep you highly productive—and in tip-top shape.

  • Traveling This Season? Don’t Destroy Your Diet!

    Eating on-the-go presents plenty of challenges if you want to stay healthy, but add to the mix a business trip or a holiday vacation and suddenly you’ve got a recipe for diet disaster—particularly if you think you’re choosing healthy options, and you’re really just masking the real dietary issue.

  • Pre-Vacation Preparation

    It’s the usual story: going on day three of your much-anticipated summer vacation and, well, you haven’t used the facilities. The gas, bloating, and cramping are kicking in. You’re starting to get uncomfortable and irritable. Suddenly, your relaxing vacation is feeling a lot less so. Your mind starts to race and you wonder what you can do. Take a laxative?

    Have successful summer travels by learning more about the condition that affects millions
    By Ed Levine, MD
  • Summer on the Road

    The road trip is a universal ideal that has become glorified by American pop culture. From literature to music to movies, the journey boasts feelings of freedom, spontaneity, and discovery.

    A guide to having entertaining and relaxing road trips
    By Erica Tasto
  • Protect Your Pets

    As the dog days of summer steadily approach, we’re ready to gear up for picnics, beaches, and traveling—and so are our pets. When letting our pets tag along to summer events, we must remember to keep their health and safety in mind. Here are some tips to help keep your furry friends happy and healthy this season.


    Tips and tricks for a healthy summer with your pet
    By Samantha Fischer
  • On Sweatpants, Sandwiches, and Stairs

    etasto's picture

    Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Julie Benz for a feature story in the July/August issue of Natural Solutions. Spoiler alert: She’s on the cover! You might know her as Dexter’s wife, or the sexy lesbian from Desperate Housewives, or Mayor Amanda Rosewater in Syfy’s futuristic series Defiance.

  • Travel: Being Budget-Savvy

    Family vacations don’t have to cost a pretty penny. Instead, consider these tips:

    >> Keep a local frame of mind

    No matter where you travel, keep a local frame of mind! You’ll get the most real travel experiences while saving money. Also, avoid traveling in tour groups.

    >> Ditch the book

  • Ditch the Suits and Ties

    Have you been meaning to take a family vacation, but haven’t been able to leave the office behind? With spring break long gone and Christmas break a distant memory, the time is now. We’ve heard over and again how important it is for your health to switch from work suits to swimsuits, yet it seems more and more of us never take that much-needed vacation.

    Fun and relaxing vacation destinations
  • Breaking Away

    Summer is finally here, and the warm weather invites you to venture out and explore the outdoors. While lazy days by the water might appeal to your inner beach bum, integrating some physical activity while you’re away can make you feel good inside and out.

    Explore these bike-friendly destinations for a summer getaway full of fun and fitness.
    By Cara Lucas, Brooke Holmgren, and Amy Vergin
  • Take a Summer Break

    Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to plan a much-needed vacation. It doesn’t matter if your vacation includes boots, tents, and backpacks, or flats, swimsuits, and beach bags … there’s fun for everyone somewhere.

    Vacation boosts your mind and health.