• Toxin Alert: Moisturizers: More Harm Than Good?

    Winter weather can take a toll on your skin, especially if you spend time outdoors where wind and sun exposure can dry out your face. But a new study advises you to scrutinize before you moisturize, because what you put on your skin could make the damaging effects of sunlight worse.

    By Rosemarie Colombraro
  • Is Your House Making You Sick?

    Home will always be sweet, but it may not always be as safe as you’d expect. Levels of some common toxins—which can measure two to five times higher under your roof than outdoors—could be triggering a host of health problems for your family. Take these simple steps to make your home a truly safe (and healthy) haven.

    By Kristin Kane with additional reporting by Lynn Ginsburg and Nora Simmons
  • Is Your Pet a Toxic Dumping Ground?

    You work hard to reduce your family’s exposure to household toxins, but your pets may face a greater risk than you, says Olga Naidenko, PhD, senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group, “Where do our pets spend their time? They sleep on the couch, roll around on the carpet, and get dust carrying toxic chemicals all over their fur and then lick it off.”

    By Nora Simmons
  • When Good Beauty Products Go Bad

    Is it possible for your favorite moisturizer or shampoo to be done with you, before you’re ready to throw it into the trash? You bet. In fact, experts say it may be time to clean out your shower or medicine cabinet because you may be using products well beyond their shelf life. 

    Expiration dates 

    By Gina Roberts-Grey
  • DeTox, Deconstructed

    Feeling headachy, maybe some fatigue? Suffering a bit of acid reflux, perhaps a little bloating, some muscle aches? Maybe it’s time to detox—whatever that means.

    By Lorie Parch
  • Can You Lighten Your Toxic Load?

    Few concepts are more ubiquitous in the lexicon of alternative medicine than detoxing. Peruse the shelves at any health food store and you’ll find detox teas, detox herbal blends, detox tinctures, and detox kits complete with all of the above—everything you need to purge your body of its chemical stockpile. Not sure you want to tackle your toxins alone?

    Recent reports confirm we all harbor a stockpile of potentially harmful chemicals.
    By Catherine Guthrie