• Fresh-Faced

    The beginning of school is a time for your teen to put their best foot forward. Whether it is their freshman year or the end of their high school career, the condition of their skin is important.

    Allow us to make a plug for natural beauty. Regular beauty tips might give you great skin and makeup—these will make you healthier inside too!

    Regaining control of your beauty
    By Amy Vergin
  • Pretty in Pink?

    Lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, perfume—Jessica Assaf applied them all, and more, before she hit 12. And by her mid teens, she estimates she was using 15 to 20 beauty products a day. Like many girls, Assaf was indoctrinated into the beauty culture at a young age, with makeover-themed birthday parties as early as kindergarten and trips to the nail salon starting in grade school.

    Companies now market makeup to girls as young as 3—and the health implications are huge.
    By Stacy Malkan