• From Sun-Kissed to Scorched

    Why is it that skin cancer develops in one out of every five people, yet tanned and sunscreen-less bodies are regularly strewn about every beach each summer? If you are late to the game, here is a collection of sun and skincare tips to get you through this summer unharmed.

    What is sunburn?

    Avoid the biggest sun mistakes
    By Amy Vergin
  • Condition Spotlight: Sunburn Aftercare

    Sunburn results from over-exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which penetrate the top layers of skin to dehydrate the deeper sub dermal layer. Sunburn isn’t just a clever name—sunburn is a type of burn and should be treated as such. Keep in mind that a burn is essentially dehydration caused by heat or chemicals. Rehydration is often key to soothing burns.

    Once the damage from sunburn is done, there’s no going back. However, you can alleviate the pain with a few simple home remedies.
  • Summer Over-Exposure

    On warm summer days spent outside at the beach, by the pool, on the court, or in the garden, it’s all too easy to forget to reapply (or even apply) sunscreen. While the resulting damage can’t be reversed, it is possible to lessen the aftereffects of too much sun in order to take the ache away.

    Heal sunburn and damaged skin the natural way.
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • Beat the Burn

    Red, irritated, and burnt skin—once the damage has been done, there’s no turning back. This being said, choosing the right sunscreen for your needs is important. Here are a few quality sunscreens.

    Kid/Baby Sunscreen

    Never get caught unprepared in the sun again!
  • Homeopathy To-Go

    Nothing will spoil your travel plans faster than getting flattened by a nasty cold, high fever, or Montezuma’s revenge. Fortunately, homeopathy offers symptom-specific relief for even the worst of your travel ailments. Don’t leave home without the following remedies recommended by Kathy Thorpe, a certified homeopath in Boulder, Colorado.

    An easy-to-pack kit for on-the-road emergencies
  • The Beauty Bar: Vitamin A's Sun-Saving Power

    New research shows it might be time to toss a bottle of vitamin A into your beach bag along with the sunscreen. In a recent study, patients taking 50,000 IU of vitamin A a day for a year saw an 80 percent improvement in previously sun-damaged skin. Some scientists believe this occurred because UVA and UVB light attacks the vitamin A naturally present on the skin’s surface.

    By Lindsey Galloway