• Muscle Imbalance

    Do you have knee, hip, back, shoulder, and/or ankle discomfort? If so, you may have a muscular imbalance. New clients are sent to me all the time with some sort of ailment, and they want to be cured without going under the knife. I don’t blame them—and most of them don’t need surgery. Often their discomfort is just a symptom of their underlying muscular imbalance.

    What it is & how to fix it
    By Joel Harper
  • Move It or Lose It!

    For Americans 65 and older, falling down can be the worst thing to happen to them. According to statistics from the National Council on Aging, one in three seniors experiences a significant fall each year. Once every 18 seconds, a senior is admitted into an emergency room after losing their balance and hitting the ground.

    5 moves to put seniors back in the game
    By Karen Peterson
  • Pre-Swim Stretches, Post-Swim Ease

    Before jumping in the pool, warm up to prevent cramps and reduce your likelihood of injury. “Stretching heightens joint mobility,” says Dave Scott, six-time Ironman winner and fitness consultant. When you stretch, the muscle fibers lengthen, allowing for more contraction force (also known as power in the water).

    By Elizabeth Marglin