• Seasonal Detox

    Seasonal transitions are an important part of life, but we’ve now become largely disconnected from the natural world—that’s why a long walk in the woods, going to the beach, or simply looking at the stars can be so rewarding. Connecting with nature is a vital factor for mental, emotional, and physical health, and numerous studies substantiate these relation­ships.

    The path to optimal vitality
    By Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc
  • Fresh Air

    With spring here, you want to make sure to clean out that musty air that’s been hanging out all winter. If it’s still a little too chilly to open up those windows, try Waterwise’s Airlite, the portable, compact air purifier that plugs into any wall outlet. This little purifier will clean and sanitize the air while removing odors, smoke, pollen, mold, bacteria, and dust mites.

  • Natural Defenses

    Spring is a wonderful time of year. Temperatures warm, snow melts, and flowers bloom. The world is reborn. But for those who suffer from allergies, this natural beauty comes at a cost. Pollen, mold, dust, and other allergens can make the rise of spring a descent into misery.

    Boost your body’s ability to fight allergies
    By Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc
  • Break for Spring

    It’s springtime and that means spring break! Many spring break destinations are somewhere tropical or snowy. In either situation, it’s important to use your sunscreen. You can get burned no matter the temperature. So suit up (ski or swim—your choice) and take these tips with you.


  • Keep Your Locks Luscious

    Have your once-luscious locks been dampened by winter’s wrathful cold and wind?

    If so, you are not the only one to feel the harsh effects of winter. As we round out the season and enter the spring solstice, here are a number of tips you can use to bring back that bounce and rid yourself of dry and brittle hair.

    Winter wreaks havoc

    12 tips and tricks to combat problematic hair
  • All About Arbor Day

    >> The first Arbor Day started when J. Sterling Morton oversaw the planting of one million trees.

    >> The National Association of State Foresters, the Arbor Day Foundation, and the US Forest Service help plant the trees found in America’s national and state forests.

    >>  Some places around the world take a whole week to celebrate Arbor Day!

  • Melt Away the Pounds

    The months between November and February have a tendency to be tough on the waistline when compared to the rest of the year. Starting at Thanksgiving and even pushing past Valentine’s Day, holidays and marketing schemes inundate consumers with savory notions that somehow always place high-calorie foods at the forefront of an “ideal” festive scenario.

    This spring, shed your winter weight and keep it off
    By Cara Lucas
  • Nature: The Ultimate Antidepressant

    Spring is upon us and the outdoors is ready and waiting to be explored. This month’s Inner Balance is excerpted from the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family by Renée Peterson Trudeau. Published with permission of New World Library (newworldlibrary.com).

    By Renée Peterson Trudeau
  • Herbs, Vitamin C, and Folate-Rich Foods Help Fight Spring Allergies

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    Spring allergies cause a host of symptoms that can range from mild to severe.  Many resort to taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs such as antihistamines and steroids, which may not be completely safe or without side effects.  A healthy alternative is t

  • Relieve Allergies Naturally

    Treat the cause of your sensitivities and kick the antihistamine habit!