• This Summer, Dive Into Sunscreen

    Gone are the days when I used to bake by the pool like a hot potato. No shirt, no shoes, no wrinkles, no worries. Youthful and vibrant, I never thought much about protecting my skin from its future fate (called aging). Or, for that matter, the inevitable impact that skin cancer could possibly have on my life—in a more convenient, post-dated era, of course.

    You can still have fun in the sun and keep your skin safe by choosing the right sunscreen.
    By Cara Lucas
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  • How Are Your Lips Sealed?

    Your favorite gloss may be the ultimate summer must-have, but research shows that shimmery lip balms and glosses can actually boost the risk of lip cancer by allowing ultraviolet rays to penetrate more deeply.

    By Lisa Marshall
  • Quick Cold Sore Remedy

    Wear a high-SPF lip gloss or balm. According to Seattle naturopath Tamara Cullen, prolonged sun exposure can trigger flare-ups.

    Lay off the chocolate and nuts. Foods high in arginine disrupt the amino acid balance in your body, which can aggravate the herpes-simplex virus (HSV-1), says Cullen. Cut back as soon as a sore appears.

    The next time you feel that telltale tingling, take charge with these tips.
    By Shanon Lyon