• Get Rid of Sinusitis

    Finding someonewho suffers from sinus infections is like playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” You know, the game where you can link any actor to Bacon within six connections of others who have worked with him. “Six Degrees of Sinusitis” may not be as glamorous—mucus and all—but it does show how prevalent sinus infections are.

    Fight sinus infections the natural way to get rid of them for good.
    By Lauren Katims
  • Need Some Relief?

    Try these techniques to alleviate your symptoms.

    Increase moisture: Dr. Amy Locke suggests putting your head (at a safe distance) over a pot of boiling water or taking a hot shower and breathing in the steam. Also, try placing a hot towel over your head for about 5-10 minutes and sleeping next to a humidifier.