sexual health

  • Sexual Healing

    Most of us have no problem casually mentioning, say, our high blood pressure or diabetes to perfect strangers. But when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), most of us would rather crawl into a dark cave than discuss these types of anatomically awkward conditions with our close friends or doctors.

    Naturally effective treatments for those all-too-embarrassing STDs
    By Kris Kucera
  • Bringing Sexy Back

    Nothing surpasses it on the Richter scale of pure pleasure (except perhaps chocolate). Not many women can live without it. And the mere mention of it can silence a cacophonous cocktail party (“You slept with whom?”).

    Sex with the same partner can lose its luster after you've been at it for decades. How do you transform the perfunctory into the passionate? One writer bares all in her quest to liven up her libido.
    By Susan Moran
  • Ask The Doctor: Lifting Low Libido

    Most men know that “the Little Blue Pill” allows their equipment to work better, but they may not realize that Viagra doesn’t do a thing for their libido. And who wants to deal with such harrowing side effects as sudden vision loss, stroke, or painful marathon four-hour erections?

    Since turning 40, my sex drive has plummeted. Should I take Viagra?
    By Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH
  • The Sex Rx

    Strengthen a weak immune system.

    Turns out it pays to get busy in bed beyond Valentine's Day. While sex may not cure all your ills, research shows it can help.
    By Beverly Herzog