• 5 Ways the Brain Affects Sex

    It takes more than functional sex organs, appropriate hormone levels, and the ability to become sexually aroused to guarantee good sex. Below are five areas where your mind can play tricks on you when it comes to getting in the mood.

  • Does True Love Wait?

    A recent study says that those who wait longer to have their first sexual experience may have more satisfying romantic relationships in adulthood.

  • Bringing Sexy Back...Post Menopause

    Sex after menopause, well, sex after 50, is a new frontier. The parents of baby boomers sustained far less body awareness than is advocated today—most couples of that era did not expect sexual activity to continue beyond the onset of the symptoms of aging, such as lost estrogen (female) or vascular disorders (male.)

    Don't settle for a lackluster sex life
    By Jennifer Landa, MD
  • Sexuality and the Senior

    The concept of a grandparent as a sexual being is uncomfortable for many. But sexuality is an important component of any adult’s self-image, including those older than 50. Seniors have frequently been labeled as asexual in American culture, particularly misleading stereotypes assert that older men are impotent and older women are frigid.

    Embracing your sexuality helps your golden years shine.
    by Jennifer Fitzpatrick
  • Balancing Act—Finding Your Inner Sex Goddess

    I have a sacred spot. It’s not in Sedona or near the shrine, adorned with deities and religious medals, that I keep in my bedroom. No, this spot is internal, south of my navel, north of my thighs, in the vicinity of what others refer to as the G-spot.

    By Barbara Hey
  • Bringing Sexy Back

    Nothing surpasses it on the Richter scale of pure pleasure (except perhaps chocolate). Not many women can live without it. And the mere mention of it can silence a cacophonous cocktail party (“You slept with whom?”).

    Sex with the same partner can lose its luster after you've been at it for decades. How do you transform the perfunctory into the passionate? One writer bares all in her quest to liven up her libido.
    By Susan Moran