red meat

  • Focus On: L-carnitine

    What it is: L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body turn fat into energy with the help of positively charged polyatomic ions. This substance is made within the liver and kidneys and is stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain, and sperm.

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  • The Red Meat-Cancer Connection

    Yet another study—this one including more than half a million people—confirms what our docs have been warning us about: Eating red meat increases cancer risk. So we can’t help but wonder, Why is red meat so bad? Recent research revealed at least part of the answer as chronic inflammation.

  • New reason to Lay Off Red Meat

    Turns out smoking isn’t your only risk factor when it comes to lung disease. A study of more than 500,000 people age 50 to 71 found a link between eating red meat and this type of cancer. The study also associated red-meat intake with an elevated risk for cancers of the esophagus and liver. Why?

    By Meghan Rabbitt