• Making Waves

    Along the northern shores of Chile, in a fishing community called Coquimbo, a recycling initiative led by three Amer­icans has changed the game of cleaning up our oceans’ plastic pollutants.

    Three friends’ quest to end ocean pollution
    By Samantha Fischer
  • A Purpose for Everything

    A creative mind sees every pile of junk as a jigsaw puzzle, and Nicole Curtis happens to like a brainteaser or two.

    You might recognize Curtis from Rehab Addict, her hit reality TV show on HGTV and the DIY Network. In the show she restores old homes to their former glory and tackles a variety of do-it-yourself projects by repurposing items others might consider useless.

    DIY rehab addict talks work and family with NS
  • Americans Slow to Adopt Green Choices


    It may seem as though everyone is already on the go-green bandwagon—but a new survey has found that while many Americans are willing to take steps toward becoming more environmentally conscious, actual changes in both attitude and behavior are happening slowly, particularly among older citizens.

  • The Perils of Plastic

    Halfway between California and Hawaii floats the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—3.5 million tons of plastic trash, roughly twice the size of Texas. Known as the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, this 10 million-square-mile vortex of water bottles, plastic bags, and Styrofoam has grown tenfold every decade since the post-WWII plastics boom.

    By Nicole Duncan