• Yoga and Pregnancy

    The little blue line confirms the presence of your new baby. A smile rises from within, igniting your whole being, and an aura of responsibility for another being suddenly takes hold of you. For the next nine months, you become entranced with and sensitive to your growing baby, awakened by each of their movements and hiccups.

    Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the birth of your baby
    By Mel Campbell
  • Beauty for Two

    Pregnancy is famously a time of lifestyle choices, such as skipping mouthwatering ceviche and glasses of pinot, that will ensure a healthy mom and baby. But moms-to-be should also scrutinize their personal care products—from soaps to stretch-mark creams—for ingredients, both synthetic and natural, that can harm a developing baby inside.

    Prenatal pampering for you and baby
    By Erinn Morgan