pet food

  • Changes for Zukes

    In 2012, Zukes, a company specifically designed to give both dogs and cats nutritious treats, made a lot of changes. Not only did they make new packaging, they created new recipes that made their line of treats more grain-free. Now, they offer a full and complete range of grain-free treats.

  • What Does Holistic Pet Food Mean To You?

    Halo, Purely for Pets—the holistic pet products company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres—surveyed nearly 850 dog and cat owners to find out just exactly what the term “holistic” meant to them in honor of National Holistic Pet Day.

  • Counteract Counter Surfing

    We toil for hours in the kitchen creating the perfect meal only to spend the entire evening shrieking at dogs and shooing cats. Scavenging food off counters and tables—aka counter surfing—is a common problem with dogs (especially big dogs) and cats.

    By Nora Simmons
  • Pretty Healthy Bird

    Want to unlock the vital nutrients in your feathered friend’s birdseed to help her thrive? Try sprouting Polly’s food—it’s easy to do! Simply visit the bulk section of your local health food store and create a deliciously nutritious mix of seeds—sunflower, broccoli, and alfalfa seeds, along with lentils and wheat berries make great sprouts.

    By Nora Simmons