• Health Tips: Excess Toddler Weight: Is Skim Milk Helping?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association recommend that all children drink low fat or skimmed milk after the age of two to reduce their saturated fat intake and ward off excess weight gain. But the evidence to back up this stance is mixed, say the authors, who wanted to find out whether milk consumption patterns among two-year-olds affected weight gain.

  • Beyond the Bathroom Scale

    For many of us, the number on our bathroom scale makes or breaks our day: joy, if it moves downward a few pounds, and despair if it creeps upward, as we diet, sweat, and stress our way toward that magical number we believe defines our ideal weight. But that number may not carry as much import as people—and many doctors—have long thought.

    It's about where your weight is carried, not about how much you weigh.
    By Lisa Turner