• Quick Nutrition: Gluten-Mania

    More than ever, people in the United States stumble through aisles at the grocery store, lined with gluten-free products. From cake mixes to pasta sauces, gluten seems to be the new buzzword. According to the Nielsen Company, sales of gluten-free products have been rising steadily. Is it really just a fad or is there more to the hype than the media is letting on?

    The "fad" that isn't going away.
    By Amy Vergin
  • Essential Building Blocks for Cancer Prevention

    Cancer treatment and prevention does not adhere to the “take-one-pill-in-the-evening-and-call-me-in-the-morning” philosophy; it must be a multi-pronged approach that includes diet, exercise, proper living, supplementation, and aggressive preventative care. Included are nine “big guns” of aggressive preventative care.

    Don't let disease control your life--take back your health today.
    By Lindsey Duncan, CN, ND
  • Get Inspired: A Prescription for Life

    Dr. Andrew Abraham’s battle with cancer inspired Orgain, the world’s first certified-organic meal replacement drink. His physician-inspired recipe includes ingredients that are used by top cancer centers and world-class athletes alike. Dr. Abraham talks to Natural Solutions about his motivation for creating the drink.

    By Cara Lucas
  • You Are What You Eat

    The old adage “you are what you eat” is true. Diet is the number one factor in whether or not someone is deemed to be in good health. Put something bad into your body, and something bad comes out. Put something good into your body, and it will be reflected on the outside.

    Tips for eating to achieve good health.
  • Food Label Blues

    The most typical move a consumer will make at the grocery store is to pick a product off the shelf, flip it over, and scan the nutritional information. Unfortunately, this is where the inquiry ends. Buyers simply don’t know what they are looking for. Between the ingredients, label claims, and percent daily values, it’s hard to know if you should consume the product at hand.

    Learn to decode confusing labels.
    by Amy Vergin
  • Simple Side Dishes

    Like many people you try to make healthy meals; but between busy workdays, carting kids around to activities, and doing regular household tasks, a healthy dinner seems impossible to tackle. To prepare an all-around nutritious meal, you need to include healthy side dishes. Off-the-shelf sides like Rice-ARoni, for example, contain nearly half the daily recommended amount of sodium.

    Healthy side dishes round out a nutritious meal.
    by Dick Benson
  • Fiber in Your Diet

    Fiber isn’t around like it used to be. Fruits and vegetables used to be staples in the American diet. Now, processed foods have taken over every meal, from preservative-laden canned foods and microwavable items to orange puffs covered in powdered cheese. Instead of low sugar and high fiber, the situation has been reversed. And it’s wreaking havoc on your body.

    Feel fresh, feel full, and feel great with fiber.
    by Amy Vergin
  • Inflammation

    Inflammation is a condition that, to one degree or another, afflicts tens of millions of people nationwide. As an isolated occurrence, inflammation is an appropriate response your body employs to address injury or infection. When inflammation becomes persistant, however, that’s a cause for concern.

    Put out the fire that consumes your health.
    by Sayan Sarkar
  • Transitions

    Editor’s Note: Some may call it courage, while others call it stubbornness. Regardless of your perspective, Carla MacInnis Rockwell chooses to face her condition in a manner affording the most independence and clarity of mind—despite the fact that this path rejects many of the conventional protocols that make life with cerebral palsy more tolerable.

    One woman's inspirational story of living well with a disability.
    by Carla MacInnis Rockwell
  • A Call for Change

    There is a fine line between diabetes and obesity. The two conditions share such an intimate relationship that it’s often difficult to distinguish which one precedes the other. One thing is certain, though—they are definitely related and many professionals now group the distinct diseases together into a unique, brand-new epidemic—introducing diabesity.

    The link between diabetes and obesity is undeniable. How does this change our outlook?
    by Cara Lucas