mineral makeup

  • Fresh-Faced

    The beginning of school is a time for your teen to put their best foot forward. Whether it is their freshman year or the end of their high school career, the condition of their skin is important.

    Allow us to make a plug for natural beauty. Regular beauty tips might give you great skin and makeup—these will make you healthier inside too!

    Regaining control of your beauty
    By Amy Vergin
  • Mineral Magic

    Looking for makeup to help your skin, not just mask its problems? With a minimum of ingredients and no irritating fillers, natural makeup made from minerals and fruit pigments gives a safe and healthy glow to any complexion. The idea has quickly become a mainstream sensation, with brands from Cover Girl to Clinique creating “mineral-based” makeup lines.

    Choose the healthiest makeup to bring out your natural beauty.
    By Lindsey Galloway