• Flexing Your Mind's Muscle

    This year's winner of the USA Memory Championships (and last year’s as well!) proves that both mental and physical prowess do indeed go hand in hand.

    Nelson Dellis is on top of his game and climbing to new heights--literally.
    By Cara Lucas
  • Alzheimer’s Treatment

    Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that scares many of us. “Senior moments” such as losing track of our keys, stumbling over names, and losing our train of thought may leave us wondering if more serious issues such as not recognizing close friends and relatives, forgetting how to dress, and losing muscular control are right around the corner.

    Rare Chinese compound reproduced in US lab
  • The Buff Brain

    You run marathons, regularly lift weights, and are the Pilates queen. But when’s the last time you worked out your brain? That gray matter needs exertion, too. More than that, it needs variety. Just as you exercise your entire body and all its muscle groups, likewise, you should exercise your entire brain to stay sharp (goodness knows it could use the help).

    Your mind needs a workout just as much as your body.
    By Dan Orzech