• Insulin Via Nanobot

    A positively-charged material found in shrimp shells (and initially pressed into service in self-healing car paint) is attracted to a negatively-charged seaweed derivative. These materials are applied to nanoparticles to help them find each other after they are injected into the bloodstream.

  • Health News: Scientists Unlock How Insulin Interacts With Cells

    An article published in Nature describes how insulin binds to the cell to allow the cell to transform sugar into energy—and also how the insulin itself changes shape as a result of this connection.

  • Health News: New Findings in Insulin Production

    Scientists have found three new and relatively rare genetic variants that influence insulin production. They offer new clues about the genetic factors behind diabetes, according to research published online in Nature Genetics.

  • Sweet Spice

    Turns out you don’t have to eat five small meals a day to keep blood sugar levels stable: Research shows the polyphenol content in cinnamon actually mimics insulin and activates blood sugar regulator receptors. In a study, type-2 diabetics who took cinnamon powder capsules daily had 20 percent lower blood sugar than a control group.

  • Walk Off That Sugar

    Couch potatoes take note, especially those with type-2 diabetes—exercise may be the best way to manage your blood sugar. So what’s new about that? Anyone diagnosed with diabetes knows (or at least has been told) to lose weight, watch what they eat, quit smoking, and get regular exercise. But those same people will tell you how hard it is to make all those changes simultaneously.