• Tea For Your: Upset Stomach

    Your stomach can become upset for many reasons. If you’ve eaten something spicy, had a little too much alcohol, eaten too fast, or you’ve been stressed about something in your life, you could easily develop indigestion. Most importantly, remember to slow down when you’re eating, practice calming exercises, and go easy on the alcohol.

  • Ask The Doctor:

    Congratulations on deciding to wean yourself off Nexium, as it is just treating the symptoms and not addressing the underlying cause. To make matters worse, it has a number of serious side effects when taken over long periods of time.

    I am trying to wean myself off of Nexium. What herbs and enzymes are best for stomach issues? I have been on this drug for seven years.
    Answered by Dr. Frank Lipman
  • Beat the Backup

    Spend an hour watching television and you’ll realize we’ve become a country comfortable with chatting about our bowels.

    Try these easy, natural strategies to cure your digestion woes.
    By Cara McDonald