herbal remedies

  • Stream Clean

    Want to give your complexion a quick refresher? Try a homemade herbal facial using steam, says Stephanie Tourles, licensed holistic aesthetician and author of Organic Body Care Recipes (Storey Publishing, 2007). “Exposing your face to steam encourages pores to open, which helps release toxins, minimizes wrinkles, and sends moisture to deep skin layers,” she says.

    By Elizabeth Gregg
  • Potent Potions

    You wash your face every day and slather on moisturizer and sunscreen. But instead of seeing radiant skin when you gaze in the mirror, fine lines, pimples, or an overall dullness clouds your view. To project a fresher look, it may be time to add the extra oomph of serums to your skincare regimen.

    Target your skin's imbalances naturally with these turbo-charged serums.
    By Kate Hanley