• A Healthful Crunch

    Among Americans, 44 percent surveyed said they tend to eat healthy most of the time, and 42 percent make an effort to snack on foods that are healthy. However, 39 percent of snackers say they will likely nibble on some less-than-healthy treats this year. In addition, 16 percent believe that preparing a healthy snack takes more time than other snacks.

  • Spring Greening

    While temperatures slowly begin to rise and the snow has melted away, for many people, it’s time to start planning this year’s garden. And really, is it ever too early to begin planning for an abundant harvest? Whether you view gardening as a necessity for healthy, sustainable food, or as a pleasant past-time activity, gardening truly is for anyone and everyone!

    The many benefits of gardening.
  • Simple Detox Tips

    Detox seems to have a plethora of meanings. For some, it signifies eating only organic foods or eliminating sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. For others, colon cleansing and liquid-only fasts are part of the regimen. Still, others detox by adding regular meditation or yoga to their schedules. Others still use packaged detox products.

    Combined with dietary changes, exercise, and proper hydration a detox can be like “spring cleaning” for your body.
  • Natural Ingredients to Stop Colds

    When cold season hits, turn to nature to keep healthy.  Fluids and a well-balanced diet is always the best bet but there are some super-ingredients that can charge up your immune system.  The below chart has some special tips. 

    Natural ways to charge up your immune system and stay healthy.
    by Dr. Yael Halaas, MD
  • Food Label Blues

    The most typical move a consumer will make at the grocery store is to pick a product off the shelf, flip it over, and scan the nutritional information. Unfortunately, this is where the inquiry ends. Buyers simply don’t know what they are looking for. Between the ingredients, label claims, and percent daily values, it’s hard to know if you should consume the product at hand.

    Learn to decode confusing labels.
    by Amy Vergin
  • Water Purity

    Most people will not consume drinking water that outwardly looks, smells, or tastes bad. We know instinctively that contaminated water can make us sick.

    Is your water as clean as you think?
    by Del Williams
  • Inflammation

    Inflammation is a condition that, to one degree or another, afflicts tens of millions of people nationwide. As an isolated occurrence, inflammation is an appropriate response your body employs to address injury or infection. When inflammation becomes persistant, however, that’s a cause for concern.

    Put out the fire that consumes your health.
    by Sayan Sarkar
  • A Perspective on Integrative Cardiology

    Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although the United States has made tremendous strides in the quality of cardiac care, heart disease still remains a primary health concern for many US citizens. Natural Solutions spoke with Dr.

    An interview with Dr. Stephen Sinatra
  • Fix Your Achy Breaky Heart

    The key to heart disease prevention lies in knowing its causes, your risks for developing it, then doing all you can to reduce those risks. These same steps that reduce heart disease risk also demonstrate success in reversing it—often completely. Yet for many Americans, heart disease seems to take them by surprise.

    Ways to care for your heart in order to prevent, and treat, heart disease.
  • Focus On: Collagen

    WHAT IT IS: Collagen is a collective group of proteins found in mammals and makes up a major portion (25- to 30-percent) of connective tissue within the body. With over 28 different types of collagen identified, usually type 1 (hydrolyzed collagen) or type 2 are used in supplements.

    Learn about collagen, what it is, what it does, and why you need it.