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  • Hair Brushes 101

    Do you know what your brush can do for you? Check out these different kinds of brushes to maximize your hair-styling potential, decrease frizzy locks, and prepare for all those family photos.

    MINI DENMAN: It’s small with plastic bristles set far apart and is good for styling fringe and other pieces around the face.

  • Natural Care for Thick, Healthy Hair

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    I’ve never had long, luscious locks. As much as I’ve tried to grow a thick, lengthy mane—and believe me, I’ve tried everything from hair pills to frequent haircuts to no haircuts—my hair grows to a point slightly past my shoulders and then abruptly stops, no matter my efforts.

  • Keep Your Locks Luscious

    Have your once-luscious locks been dampened by winter’s wrathful cold and wind?

    If so, you are not the only one to feel the harsh effects of winter. As we round out the season and enter the spring solstice, here are a number of tips you can use to bring back that bounce and rid yourself of dry and brittle hair.

    Winter wreaks havoc

    12 tips and tricks to combat problematic hair
  • 5th Annual Beauty with a Conscience Awards

    Welcome to Natural Solutions’ 5th Annual Beauty With a Conscience Awards, where we provide a beauty toolbox starter kit to get your grooming regimen on the right track. Here, we recognize companies promoting natural health in the beauty and wellness industry.

    Beauty isn’t hard work if you have the right tools.
  • 5 Winter Hair Care Tips

    1. Shampoo less frequently and follow cleansing with an intensive organic conditioner at least once a week. Be sure to rinse your hair with lukewarm or cool water as hot water will strip your hair of natural oils.

    The dry winter air can wreak havoc on your hair. Here are five tips to keep it looking great.
    By John Masters
  • Keeping Your Hair from Harm

    >> Dry your hair by wrapping it in a towel

    >> People with tightly curled or textured hair should brush hair when wet

    >> Brush minimally

    >> Stop using (or minimize use) of “long-lasting hold” products

    >> Let the air partially dry your hair before styling or combing

  • Top Tips for Maintaining Smooth, Shiny Hair

    To maintain healthy hair, board-certified dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos, MD, FAAD, recommends people follow these simple tips:

    1. Wash oily hair more frequently.

    >> If your scalp is oily, you may need to wash it as often as once a day.

    >> If you have chemically-treated hair, your hair may be drier, so you may want to wash it less frequently.

  • Helpful Hair-Care Tips

    The condition of your hair is often a reflection of overall health. To boost the health of your hair (and your entire body), here are a few tips provided by Dr. Jeff Donovan, board-certified dermatologist and hair restoration physician with Hair Club Medical Group:

  • Fight the Frizz

    March’s cold wind and static-inducing wool caps make hat-hair a frizzy reality. But Sheila Cluff, owner of The Oaks Spa in Ojai, California, says not to despair—just apply a reparative hair mask, followed by a moisturizing scalp treatment. Here’s how to make your own at-home treatments for frizz-free tresses:

    By Bonnie Siegler
  • Best Curl Tamer Ever

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    There are days when curly is really code for out of control—a mass of undifferentiated locks that are like a rain forest growing on top of my head.