• Hair Brushes 101

    Do you know what your brush can do for you? Check out these different kinds of brushes to maximize your hair-styling potential, decrease frizzy locks, and prepare for all those family photos.

    MINI DENMAN: It’s small with plastic bristles set far apart and is good for styling fringe and other pieces around the face.

  • Healthy Hair at Home

    Aging produces many challenges and maintaining healthy hair is certainly among them. As we age, our scalps produce less sebum, a waxy matter that coats the cuticle and keeps hair shiny. The hair growth cycle also slows, making hair thinner and finer.

    Kitchen staples could be the answer to your best hair yet
    By Cara Lucas
  • Natural Beauty Treatments For Skin

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    In the age of "more," sometimes it's best to go with less.

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Before you tumble into bed at night too exhausted to wash your face, rub those tired feet, or give your locks some love, consider this: A small investment in your nighttime beauty regimen means a big payoff in the way you look and feel in the morning.

    With a little primping before bed, you'll wake up glowing.
    By Rona Berg
  • Ayurvedic Secrets to Modern Beauty

    Have you ever noticed that people differ not only in how fast they age, but also in the way that they age? Some fight (and lose) the battle of the bulge, while the fashionably thin decry the wrinkles that deeply line their faces. Others bemoan the age spots, dark circles, and sags and bags that follow them into their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

    Tap into ancient wisdom to battle aging better
    By Nancy Lonsdorf, MD
  • Rx: Fix Frizzies and Weatherize Winter Hair

    As a basic plan to battle dryness for all hair types, first look at the label of your haircare products to make sure it doesn’t list sodium laurel sulfate, an inexpensive filler used in 95 percent of all haircare products.

    ’Tis the season for dry, lifeless locks, brittle split ends, and wild tresses that can resist your best beautifying efforts—unless, of course, you choose natural solutions to tame your hair’s seasonal misbehavior
    By Nicole Duncan