goat's milk

  • Optimized Human Performance

    Let’s say you have a physical performance goal like running a 5K. Or maybe it’s a bigger goal like a half or full marathon. A bicycling century. An Ironman triathlon. A big tennis tournament. A weight training competition. The Crossfit Games. Shedding 30 pounds of fat and “getting ripped.”

    Overcoming three hidden performance barriers
    By Ben Greenfield and Joe Stout, MS
  • Seeds of Change

    It is both a rarity and a pleasant surprise to discover any corporation that emphasizes the importance of “giving back” to the communities that support them. When those charitable acts originate from an aesthetically minded company, the message leaves a thoughtful impression that defines the word “beautiful” on a deeper level and in more meaningful terms.

    Beauty companies spread hope to communities around the world.
    By Cara Lucas