goat milk

  • Goat Milk in the Golden Years

    Editor’s Note: This is the third installment of a trilogy of articles relating to the benefits of goat milk and goat milk products. The first installment examined the nutritional benefits of this healthy food in infants and children. The second looked at how goat milk can play a major role in the nutritional lives of the general population.

    The benefits of goat milk for seniors
    By Joe Stout, MS
  • Goat Milk for Grownups

    In the previous issue, I was given the opportunity to share information about the advantages of using goat milk as an alternative to the standard cow/soy-based infant formulas. A significant portion of that article was dedicated to describing the primary drawbacks of feeding these two ingredients to our children.

    Health Benefits From a Superior Milk
    By Joe Stout, MS
  • Quick Nutrition: Goat Over Cow

    It’s 2 a.m. and the piercing scream hits my ears like a gunshot. My eyes, heavy with sleep, snap open and I stumble down the hallway, groping in the dark for the switch that will guide me to the source of the unfolding drama. I am not alarmed, at least not in the heart-in-your-throat way that follows an unknown scream in the night.

    Why Goat Milk is Best For Your Child
    By Joe Stout, MS
  • Get Your Goat

    The glossy mustache advertisements and dancing-cow commercials might try to convince you that bovines have cornered the milk market, but there’s a whole other category in the dairy case that’s got as much—or more—nutritional game: goat’s milk.

    Why it’s time to think beyond cow’s milk.
    By Jeanette Hurt