• Tips to Make Your Resolution Stick

    Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions—from “I’m going to eat healthier” to “I’m going to exercise more”—are vague, intimidating, and downright difficult to manage without an action plan. You may feel inspired to make a change, but if you’re hoping to make your resolution last past February, the key is to prepare!

  • Holiday Indulgences

    It’s nearly the end of the year, which means most of us will indulge throughout the holidays—casseroles, mashed potatoes, and so many cookies, right? As we round out 2014, New Year’s resolutions will abound, and—let’s face it—many of us will resolve to eat less, exercise more, and generally “be healthier.”

    …and New Year’s Resolutions
  • Create New Beginnings

    Back to school is the best time to create “new” beginnings for children. Before school starts, sit down with your children and create goals for the year ahead. These goals might include achieving certain grades, participating in sports and music, or practicing certain levels of personal hygiene (especially important for teenagers).

    9 tips for teaching children how to make nutritious choices
    By Lynn Lafferty, PHARMD, ND, CNC, CNHP
  • Operation New You

    Every January 1, it’s the same deal. I’m eager to write out a resolution list and get started on my goals, because this year I will drop 10 pounds, stress less, save more money, and be the most giving person I can be.

    15 strategies to lose weight, stress, and find happiness in 2010.
    By Erin Quinn
  • The Resolution Solution

    The first day of a New Year shimmers with hope: a blank slate upon which to create healthy new habits. So why do we set out with the best intentions only to find ourselves, a few weeks later, no closer to our goals and thoroughly discouraged?

    Frustrated with making New Year's goals you give up on by January 15? Here's why 10 of the most common resolutions fail, and how to make them stick.
    By Meghan Rabbitt