• Becoming a Better Friend

    There is a friendship crisis.

    Most Americans—a startling 75 percent—are not satisfied with their friendships; 63 percent lack confidence in even their closest friends, and almost half of us would choose to have deeper friendships rather than more acquaintances.

    3 Ways to Develop More Meaningful Friendships
    By Dawna Hetzler
  • What Can You Say to Someone with Cancer?

    This year alone, 238,000 men will be diagnosed with new cases of prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer. And this year more than 234,000 men and women will learn they have breast cancer, the second most common today, according to the National Cancer Institute. (Women with breast cancer outnumber men by about 100 to one.)

    By Niki Barr, PhD
  • Health Matters: With a Little Help From My Friends

    Feeling blue is a form of depression and should be addressed, according to University of Alabama mental health expert, Diane Tucker, PhD. She suggests looking at your “life equation”: How much time you are giving and what you are doing to nourish your self-worth. She suggests reaching out to a network of good friends who will validate the strongest parts of yourself.