• Eating in Season

    Foods that are in season contain peak nutrients and generally put less of a dent in your budget than those purchased out of season. Whether you want to grow your own fresh produce in your backyard, stop by a farmers market, or shop at your local grocery or co-op, the following hints and tips lead you to the freshest produce and where to find it.

    Summer Produce

    For health, quality, and cost
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • You Are What You Eat

    The old adage “you are what you eat” is true. Diet is the number one factor in whether or not someone is deemed to be in good health. Put something bad into your body, and something bad comes out. Put something good into your body, and it will be reflected on the outside.

    Tips for eating to achieve good health.
  • Trying To Lose Weight? Eat right, not less


    A recent Harvard study has shown that it’s not how much you eat, but what you eat that helps you maintain or lose weight.

  • Decoding Tricky Pet-Food Product Names

    Manufacturers often embellish the names of pet food products in ways that emphasize particular ingredients, as most consumers make purchases based on what they know their pets already enjoy. But have you ever wondered just how much chicken is really in that can of “Chicken Formula Cat Food”?

    By Margaret VanEchaute
  • The Right Diet for Your Pet

    We know you’re dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to watching what you eat. You count calories, read labels, and research ingredients; you’ve already cut fast food, trans fats, and excess sugar from your own diet, only consuming what you know to be healthy, natural, and good for your body.

    Good nutrition leads to healthy, happy pets.
    By Margaret VanEchaute
  • Food Sourcing

    Aside from the few individuals who enthusiastically praise and adhere to the locally produced food movement, most consumers don’t think about where their food comes from.

    Do you know where your food has been?
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • Superfoods: An Internal Sun Defense System

    Foods rich in antioxidants have the ability to prevent and heal cellular damage caused from ultraviolet rays. Here are a few of the major players in the game:

    Foods rich in antioxidants have the ability to prevent and heal cellular damage caused from ultraviolet rays.
    By Cara Lucas
  • Savour the Flavor: Summer Barbecues

    Summer is prime time for barbecues, yet while great fun, many barbecues are laden with health-damaging foods. That being said, great summer food doesn’t have to compromise your health. Why not try a few easy recipes that will keep your family both well and satisfied?

    Curt Hamilton, CNN
  • Party Time

    Ack, the holidays: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, even the Super Bowl... The months-long celebration is often met with dread. What a shift from childhood days when the Christmas countdown began in, well, June and couldn’t arrive soon enough.

    Top chefs give their best tips for how to entertain friends and family the healthy, natural way.
    By Amanda M. Faison