• Work Out Without Working Out!

    Imagining an action and doing it require the same motor and sensory programs in the brain. A recent study showed that people who imagined strength training exercises increased their strength by 22 percent, compared to 30 percent in those who actually did the exercises. If the same way, mentally rehearsing in detail a piano piece will also yield dividends in muscle memory.

  • App Alert


    Time-lapse pregnancy slideshows are a trend for expectant mothers these days, and the latest app, CineMama, is using this trend to their advantage. This app is available for iPhone and is a fun way to turn pictures into a video and share it through social media.

    Beckford Formula for Weight Loss

  • Melt Away the Pounds

    The months between November and February have a tendency to be tough on the waistline when compared to the rest of the year. Starting at Thanksgiving and even pushing past Valentine’s Day, holidays and marketing schemes inundate consumers with savory notions that somehow always place high-calorie foods at the forefront of an “ideal” festive scenario.

    This spring, shed your winter weight and keep it off
    By Cara Lucas
  • Apps That Help You Stay Healthy

    Commit With

    My Dietitian, LLC, has an app that makes diet and exercise coaching simple. Those willing to commit to using the app and recording their meals and physical activity for six months will see a 10 percent or greater reduction in body weight for premium and executive memberships.

  • Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

    The holidays are just around the corner—what better way to celebrate the festivities than to stay in shape and in good health throughout the season’s hustle and bustle? Starting the new year without having to go on a diet or begin a new exercise plan is the perfect gift to yourself. And if you think you’re going to be too busy to work out this holiday season, guess again.

    Finding time to work out amid the busyness
    By Beth Aldrich
  • Nutrition and Fitness Go Hand-in-Hand for Adolescents

    Adolescence is an important time to make healthy habits that will last a lifetime, like choosing foods rich in vitamins and minerals and adopting a regular exercise regimen.

    In a new study, researchers have found that adolescents’ blood levels of various micronutrients correlated with how well they performed in certain physical fitness tests.

  • Avoid Becoming a Skinny-Fat Person

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    One of the most important tools for achieving optimal wellness and aging gracefully is building and maintaining muscle. Muscle burns calories exponentially more efficiently than fat, and of course, it keeps us strong, active, and balanced. It is also part of the package that promotes a more youthful appearance.

  • No-Sweat Beauty Tone-Up

    Toning up your body can be easier than you think. You don’t have to settle for flabby upper arms and thighs, a slowly drooping buttocks, or that extra roundness in the middle. Nor do we have to commit to an hour in the gym everyday, although that may be fun for some.

    A few minutes, several times a day, is all you need to build beautiful muscle tone.
    By Blythe Metz
  • Counting Calories: Fun Fitness

    Is your workout becoming a chore? Get outdoors! Participating in outdoor activities makes burning calories more fun! Here are 10 activities that, if done for 45 minutes, can melt off the pounds in no time:
    Calories: 204
    Gain a light aerobic workout as you become one with nature.

  • City Cycling

    Nowadays, numerous cycle-friendly cities have adapted their roads to support the bicycle community. Opportunities to ride your bike to work or to venture out for a weekend jaunt are more present than ever.

    Why not take advantage of them?