• Ask The Doctor: Itchy Feet

    The most common reason for continuous peeling of the skin is a fungal infection. During the summer months when the heat and humidity rise, a condition known as Tinea Pedis, or athlete’s foot, can appear with little warning.

    Every summer it seems my feet peel, yet they do not itch or hurt. I’ve tried athlete’s foot creams and foot lotion at night, but am still not having any luck. Even daily exfoliation doesn’t help. I try to wear open-toed shoes and sandals all summer long, yet this doesn’t help. Why does this happen?
    Answered by Dr. Sherri Greene
  • Heal Your Skin

    As if people with diabetes didn’t have enough to deal with, those managing this blood-glucose imbalance also face special skincare challenges. The small capillaries close to a diabetic’s skin often become narrowed, which slows circulation and makes skin more prone to problems.

    For diabetics experiencing inceased skin sensitivity, here's help.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • 5 Steps to Pretty Feet

    Your feet likely took a beating this summer. Now, shape up heel to toe in five easy, natural steps.
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Before you tumble into bed at night too exhausted to wash your face, rub those tired feet, or give your locks some love, consider this: A small investment in your nighttime beauty regimen means a big payoff in the way you look and feel in the morning.

    With a little primping before bed, you'll wake up glowing.
    By Rona Berg
  • Happy Feet

    You may be sad to relegate your flip-flops to storage, but your feet are likely rejoicing. Getting out of those overly flexible, nonsupportive shoes should help reduce the heel and arch pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

    By Bryce Edmonds
  • Quick Tip: Keep Your Feet Healthy This Summer

    Take a look at your soles, says Colleen Schwartz, DPM, a podiatrist and pilates instructor in Pleasanton, California. If the tread is smooth or noticeably worn, it may indicate that the materials in the insole and midsole have exceeded their useful life and could be causing strain in the arch, inflammation, and even shin splints.

    How do you know when it’s time to retire those hiking boots?
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

    When my third daughter was born with six digits on each foot, I knew I could never look at feet the same way again, especially my own. I might only have 10 toes (and so does my daughter after surgery), but my feet are fraught with problems.

    8 exercises to soothe your soles—and your toes.
    By Jennifer Lang