• ORGANIC INDIA’s True Wellness Quest

    It’s not easy being a farmer in India. Instead of struggling to get your acre or so of crops to pay off with traditional methods, a big company makes you a tempting offer with GMO seeds. They promise a higher yield and more money in return. Unfortunately the GMO seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides are expen­sive.

    Changing lives in India, one farmer at a time
    By Amy Vergin
  • Roses For Afghanistan

    For the past few decades, everything has not been coming up roses for war-ravaged Afghanistan, but that may be changing for some Afghan farmers. Thanks to a project sponsored by German NGO Agro Action and WALA—the company behind beauty mogul Dr. Hauschka—nearly 300 Afghan farmers have signed on to grow organic roses instead of illegal opium poppies.

    By Lindsay Wilson