• Eco Home Fabrics

    With more eco-friendly fibers crowding out toxic textiles, choosing the most sustainable home decor can cause eco-peril. Here’s how to thread through natural materials, courtesy of Caroline Howell, founder of GreenBeanie, a California-based eco-home consulting firm.

    Organic cotton

    By Vicky Uhland
  • Keep Kids Healthy, Naturally

    For kids, back to school means excitement and anticipation. For parents, it means colds, flus, rashes—and back to the doctor. Come September, along with their art projects and homework assignments, kids start coming home with an array of germs that leave them—and the rest of the family—sick, sapped, and cranky.

    No need to run to the pharmacy once sniffle season strikes. These doctor-approved home remedies work. Really!
    By Jessica Downey