digestive health

  • The Gluten-Free Diet and Digestive Health

    The gluten-free movement has gained ground quickly over the past few years, but this is more than a flash-in-the-pan fad dietary trend. For a large segment of the population, there are some very good reasons to go gluten-free that have nothing to do with trending popularity and everything to do with overall health.

    What is gluten?

    Skip the Gluten and Prevent Disease
    By Carla Spacher
  • When Indigestion is a Good Thing

    At one point in the not-so-distant past, many of us were clueless when it came to the importance of fiber. Now, people are generally more privy to its true worth.

    Recent buzz tells us that fiber keeps us heart-healthy and (ahem), "regular," but just exactly why is fiber so critical?
    By Keri Glassman
  • Probiotic Building Blocks

    Our bodies are full of bacteria. Before you shudder and reach for the hand sanitizer, you need to know that much of this bacteria is beneficial. We have over 1,000 strains of bacteria on our skin alone, and even more in our gastrointestinal system, called the gut flora.

    The basics of probiotics
    By Shekhar Challa, MD
  • Probiotics

    The body is an amazing thing; every system, organ, muscle, bone, and cell functions to sustain life. No one system is more valuable than the other; all need to function at ideal capacity for overall optimum health. If one system is compromised, others may begin to falter; it’s a chain reaction within your body. One of these vital components of the human body is the gut.

    The body's regulator
    By Brooke Holmgren