Daylight Savings Time

  • Sleep Habits to Adopt

    With daylight saving time “springing forward” on March 9th, your sleep schedule might be a bit off. The Sleep Foundation has a few tips to help you sleep better during the transition.

    1• Use the bed and bedroom for sleep and sex only.

    2• Create a regular bedtime routine and a sleep-wake schedule.

    3• Do not eat or drink too close to bedtime.

  • Health Tips: Get Ready For the Switch

    The end of Daylight Saving Time is right around the corner. With it comes the body’s inability to fall asleep at your normal bedtime hours. Your body naturally creates melatonin, a hormone that is a necessary part in the sleep-wake cycle. Most will jump for the synthetic melatonin (produced in the lab or from cow urine), but this is not as effective.