• Embracing the Dance

    Alicia Graf Mack grew up with a passion for ballet. It led her to an opportunity with the Dance Theatre of Harlem when she was just 17. After three good years there, Alicia began experiencing inflammation in her knee and ankle. She had surgery to repair a cartilage tear but the inflammation symptoms persisted.

    How Alicia Graf Mack learned to live her dream in spite of spondyloarthritis
    By Amy Vergin
  • Dance Your Way to Better Health

    When it comes to getting your groove on, you may consider yourself among the rhythm-challenged, with two left feet and a repertoire confined to wedding-induced displays of the funky chicken. The words fun and dance have never gone together in your mind. But lock the door, close the blinds, and give it a try with no one else around because dancing truly is an easy way to get into shape.

    From ballet to Bollywood, find your fitness groove.
    By Karen Asp