• Dairy Detox: Week 2

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    Last week, I shared my initial reactions to the non-dairy diet experience I’ve undertaken with my co-editor, Samantha. It’s been another dairy-free week, and I’m still feeling fabulous—my body, skin, and hair all seem to be in sync.

  • Dairy Detox: Week 1

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    I’ve read my fair share of information regarding dairy consumption. Although credentials differ slightly from source to source—say, a published article vs. social media commentary—one sentiment remains fairly consistent: Beyond infancy, humans really just aren’t meant to consume dairy products.

  • Optimized Human Performance

    Let’s say you have a physical performance goal like running a 5K. Or maybe it’s a bigger goal like a half or full marathon. A bicycling century. An Ironman triathlon. A big tennis tournament. A weight training competition. The Crossfit Games. Shedding 30 pounds of fat and “getting ripped.”

    Overcoming three hidden performance barriers
    By Ben Greenfield and Joe Stout, MS
  • Focus On: Calcium

    Why You Need It: Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is essential for muscle contractions, a healthy nervous system, blood clotting, hormone secretion, and, of course, strong bones.

    By Kristen Bjornsen
  • The Calcium Myth

    We’ve been told all our lives to drink milk for strong bones. Many of us even feel guilty when we don’t get the recommended three servings of dairy each day. In fact, we’ve been led to believe that we have a “calcium crisis” in the United States because so many of us don’t get enough dairy. The proposed solution?

    The nation’s leading health experts insist that we drink plenty of milk and take calcium supplements to protect our bones. What if they’re wrong?
    By Michael Castleman