• I Ate My Birthday Bouquet

    My flowers were so pretty, I just wanted to eat them—so I did.

    Have your flowers and eat them, too
    By Morgan O’Donnell
  • Cooking Raw Foods

    In most nutritional battles, raw foods trump cooked foods—particularly raw veggies, which are low in calories and thus more appealing to those trying to lose weight. After all, you can chomp on pea pods all day long, but do the same with potato chips and your belly is bound to become bloat city.

    How to Achieve Nutritional Balance
    By Erica Tasto
  • Cook to Cut Cancer

    Before you top your salad with those raw diced tomatoes, you may want to consider first tossing them on the stove. Studies suggest that lycopene—an antioxidant compound that gives foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, and papaya their rosy hue—is more absorbable by the body after the food is heated.

    The Link Between Antioxidants, the Big “C,” and Other Diseases
    By Erica Tasto
  • Perfect Planks

    Plank grilling has been an American cooking staple for hundreds of years. With origins tracing back to the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, planks of cedar, alder, oak, maple, and other woods have been—and still commonly are—used to enhance meats, fish, side dishes, and even desserts using the naturally occurring flavors in the smoke and wood.

    Unearth the Ancient Art of Plank Grilling
    By Samantha Fischer
  • From Bland to Bold

    Chili powder tastes great in chili or as a taco-style meat flavoring. Also try adding it to meat rubs.

    Smoked paprika adds a deep brown color to bread-crumb casserole toppings, barbecue rubs, or to seasoning blends for sauteing or searing any proteins. Also adds a great smoky flavor to marinades.

    We are a sodium-overdosed people: here are five spices to use instead of salt
  • Over the Rainbow

    The passion Marge Perry has for all things culinary is obvious when you talk about her cooking program at the Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx. The club is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and activities for kids from 6 to 18 that “instill a sense of competence, a sense of belonging, and a sense of power and influence,” according to their website.

    How Marge Perry’s “happy accident” helped teens make healthier choices
    By Amy Vergin
  • Techniques for Heart-Healthy Cooking

    Cooking distinguishes humanity. No other living creature cooks. Food preparation utilizing heat has allowed humankind to develop from a primitive existence to fuller, more enriching lifestyles. Cooked food offers immense sensory pleasure and tastes delicious.

    Do your heart a favor by keeping temperatures low
    By Robert Leighton