• Pre-Vacation Preparation

    It’s the usual story: going on day three of your much-anticipated summer vacation and, well, you haven’t used the facilities. The gas, bloating, and cramping are kicking in. You’re starting to get uncomfortable and irritable. Suddenly, your relaxing vacation is feeling a lot less so. Your mind starts to race and you wonder what you can do. Take a laxative?

    Have successful summer travels by learning more about the condition that affects millions
    By Ed Levine, MD
  • Beat the Backup

    Spend an hour watching television and you’ll realize we’ve become a country comfortable with chatting about our bowels.

    Try these easy, natural strategies to cure your digestion woes.
    By Cara McDonald
  • Homeopathy To-Go

    Nothing will spoil your travel plans faster than getting flattened by a nasty cold, high fever, or Montezuma’s revenge. Fortunately, homeopathy offers symptom-specific relief for even the worst of your travel ailments. Don’t leave home without the following remedies recommended by Kathy Thorpe, a certified homeopath in Boulder, Colorado.

    An easy-to-pack kit for on-the-road emergencies