• Raised-Bed Backyard Gardens

    There are few more simple, pure, and earthy pleasures than tending a small crop and tasting its sweet rewards on a warm evening in late June, the sun on the horizon, the heat dissipating from the summer day. With hands caked in earth, you pick a snap pea and pop it in your mouth.

    From greenhorn to green thumb
    By Adam Swenson
  • 40 Years of Compost

    Bob Dickey is an energetic 74-year-old with an infectious laugh. His love of organic gardening is clear—he speaks of compost, earthworms, microbes, and full sun with the zeal of the truly converted. His excellent health and a youth that belies his age make a compelling argument for the merits of a diet heavy on the homegrown fruits and veggies.

    Inspired by Silent Spring, master gardener Bob Dickey grows vegetables the old-fashioned way
    By Adam Swenson
  • Composting Saves

    Reduce your taking-out-the-trash trips and create a nutrient-rich, and budget-friendly soil additive for your garden. Follow these simple steps to get started:

    >> Recycle or buy a plastic bin with a lid. It should stand 24 inches or taller. The lid ensures that moisture stays in and critters stay out.

  • In Your Own Backyard

    The typical patient at the Environmental Health Clinic at New York University comes in concerned about the water flowing from her tap, the air she breathes, and the chemicals her kids are exposed to at home. Sound familiar? The list of environmental health concerns seems to grow everyday, along with the clinic’s roster of clients.

    Reduce the toxins in your environment with these close-to-home solutions.
    By Samantha Cleaver