cold relief

  • Cure Yourself...Naturally

    I am an adventurer by nature and when a natural remedy or method of healing comes to my attention, I jump right in and try it, as long as it seems safe. I have tried many different remedies through the years and found some that work and some that don’t. Here are some techniques and remedies I have found most effective. Luckily, they can be done with items right in your own home!

    Better health is closer than you think!
    by Carolyn Harrington
  • Flush Those Germs!

    It isn’t just for fresh breath. In a Japanese study, gargling with water three times a day was found to dramatically reduce the incidence of upper respiratory infections.


    Three simple steps to protect your nose and throat from invaders this cold and flu season.
    by Kate Hanley
  • Cold School

    We know: You thought you’d be safe from cold and flu season this year. You ate your immune-boosting sweet potatoes, got plenty of sleep, and hit the echinacea at the first sign of a scratchy throat.

    'Tis The Season For The Sniffles. Bone Up With Our Feel-Better-Fast Cheat Sheet.
    By Brooke Benjamin