chronic pain

  • Natural Pain Relief

    Roughly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that for many people—17,000 per year, or 46 each day—treatment using painkillers produces side effects worse than the initial pain. So, what can you do instead?

  • Living With Chronic Pain

    Laura Hillenbrand is best known for authoring the New York Time’s Best Seller Seabiscuit. The book was ranked number one for 42 weeks, earned two literary awards, and was later used as the framework for the movie by the same name. Her second book, Unbroken, was released in November 2010.

    New York Time's Best seller Lauren Hillenbrand talks about living with ME/CFS and how writing gives her a wonderful escape.
  • No Pain, All Gain

    For seven months, Elizabeth Wagner felt constantly on guard. In conversation, she only half listened; the other half of her attention focused fiercely on the intense pain that shot from her hip down to her heel and back up again. When she slept, her body shook itself awake whenever she rolled into a position that triggered the pain.

    Your whole-body plan to end chronic aches for good.
    By Matthew Solan
  • What's My Alternative: Chronic Pain

    For two years, Michelle Marcon suffered from constant pain because of a herniated disk in her lower back, arthritis in both hips, and bone spurs in her heels. After walking for only a couple of minutes, pain would shoot down the back of her legs, and her left foot would go numb. “My pain got so bad that I had to quit my job,” says the Chicago-area dog walker.

    By Nicole Duncan
  • Vitamin D Does a Body Good

    Cancer: Research suggests that getting enough vitamin D may help regulate cellular growth, potentially preventing cells from becoming cancerous.

    Chronic pain: Vitamin D deficiency is increasingly recognized as a cause of muscle pain and weakness.

    By Meghan Rabbitt