cerebral palsy

  • Transitions

    Editor’s Note: Some may call it courage, while others call it stubbornness. Regardless of your perspective, Carla MacInnis Rockwell chooses to face her condition in a manner affording the most independence and clarity of mind—despite the fact that this path rejects many of the conventional protocols that make life with cerebral palsy more tolerable.

    One woman's inspirational story of living well with a disability.
    by Carla MacInnis Rockwell
  • Child's Repose

    Upon entering the world, my daughter Mira suffered a brain injury. Within seconds, my husband and I were thrown into a whirlwind of unfamiliar words, a loss of our vision of a healthy birth, and an unknown future anticipated with both fear and intense love.

    How yoga helped a mother see her daughter's disability in a new light.
    By Cindy Kaplan