• One More Reason to Breast-feed

    What if you could help your child excel in school before she’s even said her first word? In the largest study of its kind, researchers at Montreal’s McGill University followed 14,000 children over a six-year period to see if prolonged (at least three months) and exclusive (no other food or liquids) breast-feeding affected cognitive development.

    By Lisa Marshall
  • The Sag Thruth

    If you’ve heard the old wives’ tale about breast-feeding and sagging, consider it, um, busted. A recent study from the University of Kentucky failed to establish a link between nursing and breast ptosis (med-speak for “sag”). According to lead author Brian D. Rinker, MD, the real culprits include smoking, weight fluctuation (like pregnancy), heredity, and simple aging.

    Bu Josie Garthwaite