• Dining Alfresco

    There really is no better way to enjoy a nice summer day than outside eating food, right? Be it a full-blown barbeque or a quick amuse-bouche, it’s revitalizing and fun to get away from the routine of indoor meals at the kitchen table.

    Picnics are a great way to share food and fun this summer
    By Cara Lucas
  • BBQ the Right Way

    When barbequing this summer, it’s good to have all your favorite foods available to toss on the grill or to accompany a feast. Of course, all those summertime favorites, like chips, pies and beer, really load on calories and fatty substances. Not to mention your body will see the effects of months of this eating habit!

    Healthy and easy items for the perfect grill-out.
  • A Little FYI for Your BBQ

    For all of you out there eager to fire up the grill on a warm summer night, make sure you think before you act and act before you cook! Due to higher temperatures in the summer months, cooking outside can present many food-related health risks not present in cooler months.

    The FDA stresses the importance of keeping these picnic tips in mind when you are dining outside this summer:

    Play it safe by following these basic grilling tips.
    By Cara Lucas