• End Arthritis Suffering

    Stiff and swollen joints aren’t just a result of age—there could be an underlying reason for your pain. Although it aches to think about, you may be a victim of arthritis. But there are ways to vastly improve living with the disease, and comprehensive holistic approaches can offer lasting relief.

    Decrease or even end your reliance on arthritis meds through natural therapies.
  • What's My Alternative: Arthritis

    Lenore Pristash was determined to cope with the arthritis in her neck and spine—after all, the 66-year-old was a former aerobics instructor and lifelong golfer, and she was used to being in control of her body.

    By Cara McDonald
  • Move Through Arthritis

    Every morning, Angie steps onto her yoga mat and struggles to push herself into Downward-Facing Dog. Three breaths later—on a good day—she comes down and rests in Child’s Pose, rolling her wrists and flexing her fingers. Angie, at 32 years old, has osteoarthritis in her hands and her hips. But in spite of the pain, she says yoga actually makes her feel better.

    Recover your full range of motion with yoga.
    By Jennifer Lang
  • Say "C" to Stave Off Arthritis

    Eating vitamin C–rich foods may protect your knees from osteoarthritis, reports a recent study in Arthritis Research & Therapy. Here’s why: They’re packed with antioxidants, which protect cells from oxidative damage, and oxidative damage breaks down cartilage—the “shock absorber” in the knee joint.

    By Celia Shatzman
  • Vitamin D Does a Body Good

    Cancer: Research suggests that getting enough vitamin D may help regulate cellular growth, potentially preventing cells from becoming cancerous.

    Chronic pain: Vitamin D deficiency is increasingly recognized as a cause of muscle pain and weakness.

    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Researchers have long suspected that Inuits in Greenland almost never get rheumatoid arthritis because they eat mostly seafood, which is packed with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Now a new study from Dundee University in Scotland backs this up.

    By Kristin Bjornsen
  • Soothe Arthritis, Tastefully

    Richard Blau, MD, author of Too Young to Feel Old: The Arthritis Doctor’s 28-Day Formula for Pain-Free Living (DeCapo, 2007) shares his top picks for foods that ease joint pain—and explains why they work.

    By Lindsey Galloway