• The Acid-Alkaline Diet

    You had low-fat yogurt, mango, and a cup of black tea with honey for breakfast. Lunch was a turkey-breast sandwich, and you snacked on grapes and organic peanuts. You’re trying to eat healthy, so why don’t you feel healthy? Why are you fatigued, sick, or unable to lose those last ten pounds?

    Balancing your body’s pH for better health
    By Lisa Turner
  • The Alkaline Diet

    We all seek balance. Many of us attribute the lack of balance in our daily lives to stress, money, kids, indulgence, and other external factors (many of which are legitimate), but we often forget that true balance starts from deep within the body. Believe it or not, one of the strongest factors in regulating our internal equilibrium is basic body chemistry—it’s our pH balance.

    By Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN