• The Back Story

    A good friend of mine summed up back pain accurately and concisely: “I had it once and prayed to the heavens that it would never happen to me again.”
    On my couch, flat on my back, ice pack covering my lower back, barely able to move without torment, I could relate.

    One woman's mission to cure her aching back - without surgery or drugs.
    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Calm Junior's Jitters

    That small space between your kids’ eyebrows may save them—and you—from some high-stress freak-outs. A recent study by UC Irvine anesthesiologists with collaboration from Yale doctors found that applying pressure there (it’s called the Extra-1 acupoint) lowered presurgery anxiety enough to reduce the amount of sedative needed prior to going under the knife.

    By Jessica Downey